Nancy WylieNancy Wylie is a realist painter working in watercolor, pastels and oils.  As a sixth generation native of Arvada, a suburb of Denver, Colorado, she loves how the blue skies and sunshine create deep values and colors which is key to giving her work depth and light.

Nancy has loved art as long as she can remember.  She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Art Education with a minor in Outdoor Education.  During that time she studied art in Italy for half a year and studied the masters throughout her travels in Europe.  She taught art in Jefferson County Schools for several years before staying at home to be a full time mom.  Over time she began devoting her professional talents to painting full time, teaching workshops, giving critiques, and jurying shows locally and nationally.

Nancy’s work conveys a sense of reality and beauty that transports the viewer into a world that they can relate to.  Nancy says, “What motivates me to paint is the beauty of God’s creation. I see such subtle beautiful things around me that I just want to capture them in the moment and preserve them on paper or canvas.  Not that I can even come close, but if I can make someone get the same feeling looking at my paintings, then I have accomplished what I was called to do.  I want to express through my painting what I see in nature and be able to bring that beauty into a home or office.”

Nancy is an author of The Art of Watercolor Painting, Walter Foster Publishing.

Nancy is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society and a Master signature member of the Pastel Society of Colorado.  She has won numerous awards at local, state and national levels. She has been honored to be in many shows including, Arts for the Parks, Paint the Parks Top 100 & 2nd 100; Paint America 2nd 100;  Western Federation of Watercolor Societies; Pastel Society of America Show, New York, NY; and the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition, Golden, CO.

Her work may be seen at Mary Williams Gallery, Boulder, CO and Framed Image, Denver, CO.

For more information, contact Nancy Wylie at 303-420-8169 or